((interesting German source — in English language…

((interesting German source — in English language — on new fuel cell technology, potential and applications..))

World Fuel Cell Council Home Page Commercialisation is being driven by four major challenges that fuel cells are uniquely able to address:

* Build-up of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is leading to global warming with unpredictable but potentially catastrophic consequences. When fossil fuels burn, they emit a cocktail of toxic pollutants that damage the environment and people’s health.

* World oil production will decline in the next 10-20 years and dependence on a few energy rich nations will significantly increase.

* Energy security and price will be threatened.

Deregulation of the electricity supply industry is changing the market. New companies are entering the market offering energy services based on distributed on-site power generation. This segment of the energy market is likely to grow rapidly and utilities will have to adapt to the opportunity and challenge.

* The market for automotive power and stationary generation conversion equipment is the largest market for capital equipment in the world. Fuel cells and fuel cell powered vehicles will be an economic growth leader in the coming decades securing high quality employment for many thousands of people.


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