Portland Community LAN Resource Guide Solarize …

Portland Community LAN Resource Guide Solarize

Distribution is easy and ubiquitous with 2-way satellite dishes like Starband and Wildblue. Put them on a hill and power them with sunlight. SolarHost is an Internet company powered only by the sun with a turnkey system running about $40,000. Photovoltaics Power it with U.P.S. solutions providing backup. DOE’s Renewable Energy Network and their NREL lab helps you find a cost/effective solution.

Modern solar panels convert light to electricity with about 5% to 15% efficiency. Most panels have 20 – 120 watts power output in full sun but when operated in shaded or overcast conditions, power output drops drastically. Even shading one cell can reduce the power output of a solar panel to a “shadow” of it’s former self.

Solardyne’s wind generators can produce 1000 watts while their Power Pack ($550) outputs 300 watts, 18 Amp/hrs and charges with 20 watt solar cells. An alternative power source for community “livecasts” might be Electric Bikes like the Zap or Electric Cars like Cobin’s Sparrow. Fuel Cells developed by Idatech which plans a 1 Kw Fuel Cell in 2002 and a 675 Watt Fuel Cell Bike may provide an alternative to photovoltaics with instant recharging using common hydrogen.


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