Texan: Go home ((interesting commentary from CBS …

Texan: Go home

((interesting commentary from CBS marketwatch about the recent Bush visit in Europe. Apparently, German ‘Spiegel‘ — see also a couple of postings below — didn’t endorse Bush. The commentator says: “They tried to poke fun of him”. Oh, poor Mr. President. Follow the article and you will know, why US is still the “Superpower” and Europeans shouldn’t make fun of Bush. Always good to have someone telling us these things. Pretty arrogant, though. And why Europeans shouldn’t make fun of the US: Because they have ECONOMICAL problems..the commentator compares ECONOMICAL growth rates..while it’s about carbon dioxide..come to think of a German saying: “Wo wir sind ist vorn, und wenn wir hinten sind, ist hinten vorn.” Literally translated: “Where we are is at the front, and if it is the end, we will be still in front.”))

Texan go home Der Spiegel, Germany’s most influential magazine, tells its readers that until now Europe has been a blank space on Bush’s map. He started the trip in Spain because he speaks some Spanish – this limited ability representing the sole sum and substance of his knowledge of anything foreign.

At the forefront of their critique is Bush’s rejection of the Kyoto protocol, which, according to the Spiegel, he does purely to protect “America’s faltering industries” from having to bear the cost they would have to bear if forced to adhere to even minimal environmental protection standards.

This same “egocentric” attitude is behind Bush proposal to build a missile defense system that will only protect American territory, leaving Europe on its own. To top it off, “Cowboy Bush” is exhibiting a crass “Geschmacklosigkeit” – a total lack of good taste – by coming to Europe the same week his fellow primitive Americans executed Timothy McVeigh.


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