Back to the salt mines.. I am back from Europe, I…

Back to the salt mines..

I am back from Europe, I feel sort of double-edged: relaxed and at the same time exhausted — built-up stress that comes from being too loungy the last couple of months. And now I am giving myself a hard time for spending most of July on my parent’s couch watching Tour de France on TV from 1pm till 5pm…;-). Guess, sometimes everbody needs some deflating, right? Vacation, after all.

Nevertheless, on my way through Europe I managed to collect many resources/impressions, had the chance to ‘breathe green awareness’; saw solar panel powered electrical fences up the Swiss mountains to secure big fat happy cows — actually they were everywhere, sometimes it seemed the cows considered themselves as mountain goats…and I talked with many friends about the ‘green/sustainable revolution in the US’: boy, that was a trip! Now I really need to do some research to convince my European readers that there is something cooking in the US — and I think, there really is. I just came back from a ‘sustainable environment’ conference in Portland and enjoyed talking to attendees and listening to good keynote speeches by Vicki Robin (author of “Your money, your life’ — in my opinion, she was a little too pushy to sell her 9 step program to attain a better life. All these recipes, all the time. That is truly American…’10 steps’ to whatever, oh well), Paul H. Ray (who made us chant and later even stand up and shout: ‘WE CAN WIN’ — felt like a cheerleader, umm cheerboy, in a warped and twisted gospel choir. Ray is all about ‘Cultural Creatives’, will comment on this later) and Dr. David Korten, telling us all about bad corporations, a shift in awareness from the ‘suicidal society’ to a more livable alternative. I will write more about the ‘Sustainability movement’ the next few days — looks like the US is once again one step ahead with the right buzzword — although it’s not really ‘sexy’ but rather awkward. German readers: help me out…is there a German term for this? I am blanking here. Dankesch√∂n!


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