Another way to kill ourselves even faster! "Two p…

Another way to kill ourselves even faster!

“Two planets get together. One planet says to the other ‘there is something itching’; the other planet says:”don’t worry, these are just humans, they will be extinct soon..” so, are we going to kill ourselves — or get killed — the quick way (wars, hunger, other catastrophes) or the slower way (poisoning our environment, depleting our resources, etc.). It seems, there are more urgent issues to ponder about these days than taking care of the environment. But, as always, everything is interconnected. And there are always groups who try to use current situations to push through their selfish interests. How about energy? Shall we be less dependent on oil from the middle-east? that means drilling for oil, right? Consequently, that should help to boost the Alaska wildlife drilling, right? Check out this very interesting piece in Salon that deals with this issue. It’s all about *security* these days. Fortunately, environmentalists learned to push the right buttons as well and play the game: fat pipelines from Alaska could be a perfect target for terrorists, they argue! Who’s going to secure the pipeline…the last remaining bears, elk and snow lions? Technology | Oily insecurity Those who favor drilling have started treating Alaska’s oil fields as a key source of energy for the military and as a potential buffer to influence and instability from the Middle East, where an estimated two-thirds of the world’s oil can be found. But environmentalists are also playing the security card, arguing that drilling in Alaska carries with it its own unsustainable risks. Extracting oil or natural gas from ANWR will require the extended use of the 800-mile Alaskan pipeline — a pipeline that has been attacked before and that is, in the words of one expert, “indefensible.”


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