Dangerous appetite for oil This is from an Op-Ed …

Dangerous appetite for oil

This is from an Op-Ed in the NY Times. The author talks about the recent ‘oil drilling’ issue and comes to the conclusion:

“Even opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling would provide a mere 140 days’ worth of fuel. Such modest new supplies would take an estimated seven years to reach the consumer and would be more costly than imported oil.”

So who doesn’t get it? Our well-greased Government, Oil companies, along with the state of Alaska and some Alaskan Eskimo organizations, which depend heavily on oil revenues…

A Dangerous Appetite for Oil Importing oil costs the United States over $250 billion a year, if one includes federal subsidies and the health and environmental impact of air pollution. America spends $56 billion on the oil itself and another $25 billion on the military defense of oil-exporting Middle Eastern countries. There are additional costs in terms of America’s international reputation and moral credibility: our appetite for foreign fossil fuels has created a long history of unsavory marriages of convenience with petrodespots, generalissimos and fomenters of terrorism.


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