Always good to have some buddies.. I found this q…

Always good to have some buddies..

I found this q&a session at a White House press conference from April (yeah, history — but not forgotten!), published by ANWRnews. Well, I’ll spare you the yadda-yadda answer of speaker Ari Fleischer. I just pasted the question which is an interesting one and you follow the link, okay?

Question: The President said that drilling should be allowed in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge because he’s convinced that it can be done in “an environmentally friendly fashion.” But the Wall Street Journal on April 13 ran a lengthy front-page article. It reported that days before Gale Norton’s trip to Prudhoe Bay, state inspectors found that almost a third of the safety shut-off valves tested at one drilling platform failed to close. The President is close friends with Bob Malone who is the BP executive in charge. Apparently, Malone helped him pick out the ranch in Texas.

The question is – did the President see this article – which said that 100 workers say that because the oil fields are operated in a slipshod manner, there could be jeopardy to the environment? Did he see the article – and what are the chances that his decision was unduly influenced by Bob Malone, his friend.


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