US holds gathering on renewable energy: just a cha…

US holds gathering on renewable energy: just a charade?

Lot’s of fluff, not much substance and help from the US government. “Heisse Luft, nichts dahinter,” (Hot air, nothing behind it) as we say in German. Also read the interesting commentary in LA-Times.

U.S. Holds Gathering on Renewable Energy “Our shared mission is both simple and noble,” Ms. Norton said. “We must explore ways to better capture the sun’s light, the sky’s winds, the land’s bounty and the earth’s heat to provide energy security for America’s families.”

(But) Critics said that the session today was little more than window dressing and that administration policies still favored the extractive industries, particularly oil and coal. The critics noted that the administration sought to cut federal money for research and development into renewable energy sources by 50 percent and that most of the $34 billion in tax breaks in the House energy bill, which the administration supports, would go to the oil, coal, gas and nuclear industries.

Ms. Norton, surrounded by energy experts from other federal agencies, made no commitment on government action and did not discuss conservation or tax credits for renewable sources, a program that many manufacturers seek. Instead, she asked the manufacturers what the problems were in developing renewable energies on federal land.


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