Germany: Sustainability framework introduced Germ…

Germany: Sustainability framework introduced

German Council for Sustainable Development just published their first paper on Germany’s sustainabilty goals: more efficient energy usage (reduce energy intensity in 2020 to 50% of intensity in 1990), more funds for research, increased care for kids and more. 21 indicators are designed for reality-checks along the the paper here. (right now, it’s just in German, though). I’ll dive into this paper and will write some more about it later.

Generationengerechtigkeit, Lebensqualität, sozialer Zusammenhalt und internationale Verantwortung. Zu den Kennziffern gehören etwa Energie und Rohstoffintensität. Hier ist es Ziel, die Energieintensität zwischen 1990 bis 2020 um die Hälfte


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