Germany ratifies Kyoto protocol Sorry for the lac…

Germany ratifies Kyoto protocol

Sorry for the lack of postings. It’s going to change soon. I am in the process of moving from Portland in Oregon to Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. Anyway, here are some good news: German parliament just ratified the Kyoto protocol (and it went through super smoothly: not one vote against it). This means, Germany is among the first who are actually endorsed it. There has been lots of talks and dicsussions here in Canada on Kyoto costs and some of them were based on the totally stupid assumption that Canada is going to sign kyoto as the only nation (it wouln’t get in effect anyways..). So, Canucks, follow the Germans and leave the US behind. They are on their way downhill anyway…so much ‘out of the blue’ from a public terminal. I will be up and running (means: settled) by April 5th. The next weeks I am going to focus on Hy-Tech, Solar, Kyoto and Johannesburg…nobody here in canada seems to even think about this one..oh well..I’ll be back soon, promised..Reiner)


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