Greenpeace Germany wants to patent "curry sausage"…

Greenpeace Germany wants to patent “curry sausage”

Currywurst and Pommes Frites” is a staple in Germany since 1949, when Herta Heuwer started her “Erste Currywurstbraterei der Welt” (“world’s first curry sausage grill”)

In an effort to preserve this part of German culture and to protest against the proposed patent guideline by the European Union, Greenpeace decided to submit a patent of this traditional German dish. Slogan: “Really delicious curry sausage”. Sounds funny, hmm? But if Greenpeace is going to push through this one it could mean that every fast food sausage stand will have to follow Greenpeace’s (non-gmo) sausage guidelines..

vista verde news – Greenpeace will Currywurst patentieren Protest gegen Gen-Patente: Greenpeace will Currywurst patentieren

Mit der Anmeldung eines «Patents auf Currywürste» hat Greenpeace am Montag gegen eine Patent-Richtlinie der Europäischen Union protestiert.

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