Viridian design contest: Global Civil Society I a…

Viridian design contest: Global Civil Society

I am sure you’ve already heard about/from Bruce Sterling’s ‘Viridian Movement‘ — if not, here’s a chance not just to lurk but also to participate. Check out their recent design contest. Check the link to read on.

Here’s the basic pitch. Let’s imagine you are Joe or Juanita Global-Civ. There you are, a selfless, activist policy-wonk, one civilized soul in a darkening world where ethnic throat-cutting is rising sharply and trust in the biz community has plummeted.

You’re at Rio, eloquently moaning over the dead coral reefs. You’re at the WTO and you brought a rational argument. You’re cataloging landmines in the Balkans or Kashmir, you’re logging-on in Alternet and Indymedia, you’re the daring token feminist at the Kabul loya jirga….

Then, in that classic wonk moment, you pull your Global Civil Society Designer Laptop from your ballistic- nylon shoulder bag and you boot it up. “Whoa!” is the instant response from a stunned and impressed public. “Where’d you get that?”

“Oh, this? We’ve all got these now! They’re everywhere!” (read on)


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