Canada — waiting for Kyoto, eh!? Is Canada going…

Canada — waiting for Kyoto, eh!?

Is Canada going to jam on Kyoto? looks like it. The Alberta (oil) connection is quite strong in fighting against the Kyoto accord. Well, Canada has to decide on several fronts: GM corn, lumber and climate politics — join Europeans and the rest of the world or stick with the US….”We are oh-so-dependable on the US..” I hear all the time from my Canadian friends. Probably true. But ever thought about alternatives, really? Going with the US means: you’re not going to sell your genetically modfied grain to Europe, Japan or even China; in Europe ‘eco-certified’ lumber is in demand (but to keep up with the US means a lumber war about cheap wood and clear cutting..) and not signing Kyoto will offend Europeans even more. And what do you get: The US is going to invade you if they’ll need more oil and gas (they have to import already 60% of their oil and gas from other countries, most of it from Canada..) just for the sake of ‘homeland security’. Better think twice. The weird thing is, that even Albertans overwhelmingly approve the Kyoto accord. Only big business is against it. How do Canadians define themselves: “We are Canadians. Proud of not being Americans.” When it comes to environmental protection I don’t really see many differences any more. Then, I’ve heard rumours that Chretien may sign it today. Brazil signed it and Canadians are looking to China and India. Chretien needs to show his country and his party that he’s a real leader. If he’s going to flake out on that the Paul Martins of this country will gobble him up alive. So, we’ll see. O Canada….!

The Globe and Mail: Search If people are so concerned about the issue, why are they waiting for an institutionalized nod toward the problems of global warming and environmental degradation? If we are serious about saving the world as we know it, we are going to have to make personal sacrifices and change how we live. We should use cars only when absolutely necessary, outfit them with the best emissions-reduction technology, support the development of less harmful fuels, cut back on consumption of manufactured goods, and stop throwing poisonous chemicals at everything we don’t like.

But instead, we get selfish attitudes such as those of the couple in rural Ontario who are against a wind-power project in their area because it might spoil their view (Wind Turbines May Be Green But Some See Only Eyesore — Aug. 5).

It seems that people want Kyoto because it will assuage their guilt about living highly wasteful and environmentally damaging lifestyles, with the presumption that it will mostly affect the industrial sector but not our right to own cars (especially those evil SUVs) and drive them on the slightest pretext.


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