Floods, water, water, water — and we talk about c…

Floods, water, water, water — and we talk about climate changes again and again

Terrible to see the pictures of all that water in Prague and Eastern Germany. In Prague, 200.000 people had to be evacuated, in Germany entire cities are displaced, away from that brown monster, making it’s way down into the Northern Sea..and it’s not going be over soon: The peak in Dresden ist not expected before Saturday. And in Prague’s Zoo: a gorilla drowned, several seals and two hippos escaped from the flooded zoo — just imagine sitting on one of the sand bags, relaxing from the good fight, eating your lunch, watching a hippo swim by…anyways, good timing for the German government. General election is coming up Sept.22nd and though politcians swear not to use this natural desaster and the media attention for their own sake (which basically is “pick me, pick me!”), they skulk around in their yellow rubber boots like media savvy storks in chicken soup — always waiting for that camera light be switched on..

But one thing’s for sure: There is and will be more talks and discussions on climate changes. Read (the translation) of the article below. German scientists see that as a wake-up call, a taster for more trouble to come. Well, don’t we all see that something’s screwed up here? What else do we need? Certainly not more water, at this point.

Klimaforscher zum Unwetter: “Warnschuss vor den Bug” – Wissenschaft – SPIEGEL ONLINE In den schweren Regenfällen der letzten Tage sehen Experten Anzeichen eines gravierenden Wetterwandels. Womöglich sind die Unwetter nur eine Kostprobe des künftigen Klimas.

English translation of source using FreeTranslation.com


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