Spendy Johannesburg summit Pretzel boy George W…

Spendy Johannesburg summit

Pretzel boy George W. Bush won’t show up but around 65.000 people will invade Johannesburg soon. Now a leaked memo reminds delegates they will be in southern Africa at a time when food shortages are affecting 13 million people in the region — so delegates shouldn’t stay at top hotels…helloooohooooo! not to speak of the apparent aids problem just in the host country: 24.8% of all pregnant women in south africa were infected with aids by the end of 2001 (aids foundation south africa) …and there are a bunch of talking heads at the summit, not even an agenda and a watered down outcome, damn diplomatic, lofty goals and just ‘recommendations’..just imagine all that money it costs to fly out these people and the costs for hotels. That money could have been spent to actually cure some burning problems right away…oh well. The article below gives some more facts on this one.

NATIONAL POST Studies for the Climate Legacy estimate the delegates’ journeys and activities at the conference will generate 289,619 tons of carbon dioxide, one of the so-called greenhouse gases that are said to be contributing to global warming.


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