Russia to US: We’ll load ya up No wonder, Vladim…

Russia to US: We’ll load ya up

No wonder, Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush are such lovey-dovey buddies. Putin’s tanks are rotting away, Russians are hungry. But Russians are also sitting on oil and natural gas resources the United States may need soon. A possible war against Iraq and geo-political destabilization of the entire region could also mean the loss of exported oil to the US (34% of the imported oil is from OPEC mid-east nations; also: daily 600.000 barrel oil from Iraq!). Now Russia and US are coming even closer. A major competitor to Canada, the number one exporter of oil to the US, quite naturally. Russia Sees U.S. As New Market For Oil Reserves To help the United States in its war on terrorism, Russia may build a deep-water port at Murmansk where it could load up supertankers with plentiful Russian oil and ship it to America. The United States would be less vulnerable to disruptions in the oil supply from the Middle East, and Russia’s oil barons would have a massive new market to cultivate.


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