To attack or not to attack — no questions asked …

To attack or not to attack — no questions asked

Okay, someone sent me an email because he found some Bush bashing on my site. Really? oh well, have a look at following link I’ve found..

Google Search:

BUSHLET: To attack or not to attack, that is the question –

GHOST.: -Nay, ’tis not. Not the question. Not.

FRA. (whispered): ‘Pon my life – ’tis his father, once King.

BUSHLET: Lo! What’s this? Tis the ghost of my Father,

Cruelly slain, and now here reanimerated.

GHOST: Slain? Nay, son, I live. Feelin’ good…

BUSHLET: Oh dear father – thine death shall be avenged!

GHOST: Nay, son, I am not dead I tell thee…

BUSHLET: Long shall be the struggle, but this evil-doer

Shall be brought low. Much avengeration

Shall I have ‘pon the head of Saddam.

GHOST: Saddam. Tis he who I come to speak of with thee.

BUSHLET: Speak, dear shade! What has roused thee from thy


GHOST: Whatever. Listen, son. Time to listen. Now.

Thou dost fritter away thy days in indecision.

Now waiting, now preparing thine attacks.

Thy sabre rattles, and yet stays sheathed withal.

BUSHLET: Tis a defective sabre. I can’t find the trigger.

GHOST: Listen! I come here to beseech thee –

Thou must not yet make war upon Saddam.


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