New Economy of Water follow the link to read this…

New Economy of Water

follow the link to read this report on the New Economy of Water — in future we’ll probably have wars on water and not on oil anymore..Read the speech Mikhail Gorbachev gave in Johannesburg. Gorbachev is now the president of Green Cross…check out their site. Good links and interesting stuff up there. Also, check out this word document by the European Union water initiative.

Executive Overview of “The New Economy of Water” We do not think the trend toward globalization and privatization of fresh water can be stopped, nor do we think it has to be. In some places and in some circumstances, letting private companies take responsibility for some aspects of water provision or management may help millions of poor people receive access to basic water services.

However, there is little doubt that the headlong rush toward private markets has failed to address some of the most important issues and concerns about water. In particular, water has vital social, cultural, and ecological roles to play that cannot be protected by purely market forces. In addition, certain management goals and social values require direct and strong government support and protection. Some of the consequences of privatization may be irreversible; hence they deserve special scrutiny and control.

As a result, we conclude that any efforts to privatize or commodify water must be evaluated far more carefully than they have been. Privatization efforts should be accompanied by guarantees to respect certain principles and support specific social objectives. Among these are the need to provide for the basic water needs of people and ecosystems, permit equitable access to water for poor populations, include affected parties in decision making, and improve water-use efficiency and productivity.


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