Space-Based Power System Needed

Finally, help from above!

Now here are some more visionary approaches: Space-Based Power System. fascinating stuff. A giant sunscreen, “Cosmic Coppertone” — sounds like a spacey lifestyle drug! Again, we try fixing problems, without focusing on the roots: US (not the state, you and me, companies..), we need to conserve and change. Reminds me of this: In the late 60s NASA spent tons of money to develop that nifty pen you could also write with upside-down…cost loads..the Russians also thought about it, looked around and they found a cheap solution: They used an ordinary pencil!

Space-Based Power System Needed Civilization faces an urgent need to develop space-based power generation systems that would beam energy to the planet from satellites that would shine like “golden apples” in the night sky, a large team of scientists said today.

The researchers also recommend looking into deploying some cosmic Coppertone, giant sunscreens that would block solar energy and curb global warming. With energy demand expected to triple over the next 50 years while traditional energy production fuels global warming, the diverse group of scientists said creative but feasible technologies are needed to battle a growing “energy imbalance” that threatens global prosperity.

Among the remedies they suggest, in the Nov. 1 issue of the journal Science, are several space-based concepts. The overall analysis is designed to accomplish three goals:

– Develop pollution-free energy

– Trim the growth in energy demand

– Intervene in the global warming trend by “geoengineering” the planet


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