– Arctic town trying offbeat tidal energy – Nov. 6, 2002

Tidal energy for northernmost town of the world

Probably better than getting on solar power, they’ll probably have almost two months without any light..below the source, I’ve highlighted the most important points – Arctic town trying offbeat tidal energy – Nov. 6, 2002 Starting in late November or early December, however, a tidal current will start turning the blades of a windmill-like turbine standing on the seabed near Kvalsund at the Arctic tip of Norway


Tidal power exploits the gravitational pull of the moon, and to a lesser extent the sun, on the oceans as the earth spins. The seas rise and fall in a cycle of 12 hours and 25 minutes and can cause sweeping currents along the seabed at the same time, like the ones seen off the north Norway coast.


The Norwegian sub sea turbine will have a tiny capacity of 300 killowatts and is due to expand to 20 mills from 2004, giving enough power for perhaps 1,000 homes.

Hammerfest, with 11,000 inhabitants, calls itself the world’s northernmost town. Johansen reckons the project there has cost 50 million Norwegian crowns ($6.7 million) so far and will cost 100 million by completion in 2004.


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