Hydrogen fuel stations in Germany Some PR yaddaya…

Hydrogen fuel stations in Germany

Some PR yaddayadda below (from H2 Expo newsletter, click to subscribe) but there’s something happening in Germany. Well, now we only need the hydrogen cars on the streets…

Hydrogen under real-life conditions: 2 filling stations in Berlin

During Hydrogen Expo in Hamburg, Aral (now part of BP) announced the opening of the first H2 fueling station on public roads in Berlin, Germany. The station will be designed to offer its customers gasoline, diesel, natural gas and hydrogen. ((useless quote cut))

The H2 filling station is expected to truly live up to customer expectations: in addition to high-quality fuels the service range includes a car wash, shop and a snackbar. One of the objectives of the new station is to test different alternatives for providing hydrogen fuel: there will be onsite gaseous H2 production through electrolysis as well as liquid H2 delivery to the station. According to Aral, customer orientation is one of the crucial points. Therefore, in addition to the technical advancement, progress had to be made in increasing the attractivity and acceptance of the new car concept, Nierhauve emphasized.


The H2 filling station is part of the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP). Together with Aral, the Berlin Transport Agency (BVG) is one of the partners. BVG recently opened a hydrogen fueling station for busses on its own site. At this station, vehicles can refuel with compressed gaseous and liquid H2.


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