Company Offers $1,000,000 Prize For New Energy Invention

The One Million $$$ Idea

hmmm….mmmmm…so how about the OFF-SWITCH?

Company Offers $1,000,000 Prize For New Energy Invention Space Energy Access Systems, Inc. (SEAS), an energy company based Charlottesville, VA has just announced that it is offering a one million dollar “Z Prize” for an energy invention that would dramatically decrease the need for fossil fuels.

The prize is being offered to the inventor or inventors who provide a testable prototype of an invention that can serve to either replace current internal combustion energy systems or greatly increase their efficiency. The Z Prize is named after the so-called zero point energy field that many physicists claim is a vast field of energy that can be tapped from the space around an object.


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  1. John Keefe said

    John Keefe
    Ph 61 7 49397919
    Hello i am sorry to annoy before i have my so basic design to present.I just sent my design to be put in 3D moving graphics..My features are new.So basic i am sure you and others will understand with out explaining,by seeing…My design is frictionless.Magnets(neodymium)..Fixed gravity fed.never to stop..need governing/Energy before over rev contact……This is a short note,I finally have some one to translate in 3D,,,,to present the world…Basic as gravity can rule if no friction……more drop arms more gravity more horse power…more to note thank you …I hope with in a week to present it to every one…

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