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Euro kids: “Forget about environmental issues”

A recent survey, conducted by the University of Bonn and credit card company EuroCard (Mastercard) — I wonder why these guys are interested in such surveys? sure, it’s also about fears and some still think you could buy yourself a piece of mind with a credit card — found out that only 26 percent of European kids between the ages of 10 and 17 believe ‘environment’ is an important issue; this came down from 30 percent in 1996.

So, what are European kids mostly afraid of: 1. death of parents; 2. wars; 3. environmental destruction. Interestingly enough, kids in the southern part of Europe are way more interested in environmental issues, it seems: 80 percent of Portugal’s kids are interested in environment issues as opposed to only 7 percent in Netherlands — but especially kids in Netherlands should do their homework. After all, global warming may let oceans rise and flood entire Netherlands…

But it’s encouraging that 72 percent of German kids take recycling as second nature..

Frankfurter Rundschau online Nur noch 26 Prozent der Jugendlichen sehen die Umwelt als sehr wichtiges Thema. 1996 waren es noch 30 Prozent. Parallel dazu sinkt die Angst vor Umweltzerstörung: Nur noch 20 Prozent (minus elf) haben große Angst davor. Allerdings folgt die Sorge um die Umwelt direkt nach der Angst vor dem Tod der Eltern und vor Krieg. Bei deutschen Jugendlichen nimmt die Furcht vor Umweltzerstörung Rang vier der größten Ängste ein (33 Prozent).

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