The Globe and Mail: Breaking News

Buy power at the corner store

Get a bag of potato chips, a snickers bars and umm, pre-load your power-card ..It sure would raise the awareness that it actually pays off to switch off the light when you’re not in the room..

The Globe and Mail: Breaking News A quick run to the corner store to pick up milk, bread and some energy? That’s the idea that Info Energy Inc. of Woodstock, Ont., is hoping to introduce to the province’s energy marketplace.

A PowerCom meter is mounted to a wall or sits on a table and is plugged into a standard electrical outlet. The meter communicates with the outside meter through existing household wiring.

The transfer of power starts with the PowerCom smart card. Customers use it to buy power at variety stores in the area — similar to pay-as-you go cellular phone plans that let people buy air time at corner stores and self-serve kiosks. Customers return home and insert their card into their PowerCom in-home display unit, which deposits an energy credit encoded on the smart chip embedded in the card into the meter.


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