Evil axis of cigars, couscous and beer: Cuba, Liby…

Evil axis of cigars, couscous and beer: Cuba, Libya, Germany

Donald Rumsfeld is on the run again in his mission to isolate Germany as the ultimate war party pooper. According to Rumsfeld, Fidel, Gaddafi and Gerhard play all in the same league; oblivious nay-sayers. This again aroused some anger in Germany.

Germans are usually like coconuts, hard shell, soft interior (in this metaphor Americans are like peaches: soft and juice outside, bruise easily but a hard core inside; what are Canadians? maybe a little tougher skin — Mangos?), while sometimes one ‘wump’ should be enough to get to the sweet coconut milk inside. And Rumsfeld also may be a disguised coconut. At least this is how interior minister Otto Schily explains it to Deutsche Welle: “Donald Rumsfeld comes from a certain area in Northern Germany where the language is sometimes a little bit curt. I don’t take it very seriously. (U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s ancestors came from a town near Bremen.)

And BBC collects some headlines of German newspapers. A selection from that article:

– “Axis of the ignorant” (Tageszeitung)

– “Sarcastro” (Tagesspiegel)

– “Rumsfeld’s latest jolt” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

The Hamburger Morgenpost clearly feels irony is called for: “Hooray, at last we have some friends!”

But Berlin’s Tageszeitung takes the whole affair more seriously. It sees Germany’s arguments against war within the context of “the legal and political order of the world’s states”.

The paper says the world faces a choice: “US world domination or a multi-voiced concert, mono-centrism or poly-centrism”.

and here’s the lame US coverage:

ABCNEWS.com : Germany Seethes Over Rumsfeld Jibe, Protests Planned MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) – Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld faces a hostile reception on Friday from German politicians and peace activists over his remark that the country’s anti-war stance put it on a par with Libya and Cuba.

Rumsfeld’s comments on Wednesday putting Germany in the same category as Libya and Cuba as states that would not be helpful in any international effort to overthrow Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein have infuriated many, putting new pressure on already strained transatlantic ties.

“These comments of Rumsfeld should help bring more people out onto the street,” said Raied Naieem, a member of the anti-globalization group Attac that is organizing the protests. Rumsfeld is due to fly onto Germany from Italy later on Friday.


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