When empires become overconfident an opinion from…

When empires become overconfident

an opinion from Japan. Does the US really lack the brains to put some sense into that power? I doubt it. There is so much brains — the question is: How do you channel the intelligence. There are many intelligent people in the US, usually very edgy, super smart, hard core people. And the rest are followers, believers — you need these people to create a strong movement. After all, these people were the ‘pioneers’, following the dreams but mostly other people, for gold or a new promise/land; sometimes sheepishly but always with great enthusiasm, verve and quite single minded. I have been living in the US for five years and I somewhat admire this quality to ‘go for it, what ever it takes’. On the other hand, Americans could need some of the “old European” qualities: being more pensive, thoughtful, analytical. But in times like these impatience rules, time and troops are marching. Can’t wait for the first body bags to arrive…all for the ‘homeland security’…

Japan Today Japan News – Commentary – When empires become overconfident – Japan’s Leading International News Network Most probably, there is an inverted relationship between brains and power in the U.S. It is today the most powerful country in the world, and its military budget equals the combined budgets of the 20 countries that come after it; but its current president has nothing of Franklin Roosevelt or John Kennedy. He is even different from President George Bush 41. His Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld “succeeded” in driving the Europeans to intensify their opposition to the war, by using expressions that are close to insults.

This situation is reflected in all sectors in the U.S., from business to popular culture. Enron, which burst like a soap bubble, is the rule and not the exception in a country that used to boast such giant companies, which were founded by men such as Ford, Morgan, Rockefeller and others.

The U.S. used to excel in the games of political chess, yet today it wants to change the rules of the game so as to ensure its victory. America, which has an extensive nuclear arsenal and a developed economy and advanced technology, lacks the brains to put some sense into that power.


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