Germany: can deposit is here to stay

It’s a silly law: Pay 25 to 50 cents deposits on cans but you’re only allowed to bring it back to the same retailstore…

Germany No debate on “can deposit”

Despite facing strong criticism from the beverage industry, Germany’s can deposit law is here to stay, German Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin said on Tuesday. The law, which requires manufacturers to charge a 25 to 50 cent deposit on drinks sold in disposable packaging, was accepted only grudgingly by the beverage industry. It went into effect in January. Trade and industry representatives announced Tuesday they would stop preparations for a nationwide collection system, despite having agreed last year to put one in place. The cost was too high, the German Retailers Association said. For the moment, consumers may only return cans and single-use bottles to the store where they bought them. The Federal Association for Consumer Protection said the industry’s threats were “brazen” and that drink manufacturers should work with the government to create a sensible return system. In a conciliatory gesture, Trittin invited opponents from the beverage industry to meet with him early next week to discuss planned measures.


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