Greengoal – Ein Umweltkonzept für die Fu?ball-WM 2006 in Deutschland

Clean soccer in Germany

In Germany we don’t have four but only two seasons: There is soccer and a couple of months without soccer. Season starts today but I won’t get into who’s going to beat Bayern Munich this year. Anyhow, as you may know, Germany will host the soccer World Cup in 2006. That’s a BIG thing in Germany. And since Germany is such an environmentally aware country there has been quite some talk on how to keep this event environmentally sound. Check out the “green goal” concept of the organizers (and don’t worry, it’s in English): Greengoal – Ein Umweltkonzept für die Fussball-WM 2006 in Deutschland

Oeko Institut/Greengoal: The Football World Cup occupies a special position among major sporting events in a variety of ways. Because the stadiums are intensively used not only during the World Cup, a considerable environmental impact is to be expected in subsequent use for Bundesliga matches (“in Germany there’s a World Cup every weekend!”).

The “sustainable development” of the sport of football is therefore explicitly addressed, since it is not so much a question of creating a “green island” for a month in World Cup year 2006, but rather of making a long-term contribution to the improvement of the environmental situation.


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