Alternatives to Bush: Let’s focus on the environme…

Alternatives to Bush: Let’s focus on the environment

Clearly, democratic presidential candidates will have lots of arguments against Bush but all Bush needs to do (and he will) is to push that ‘universal homeland-security-evildoers-are-threatening us-paranoia-button’. Not easy to argue against this.

Of course, nobody wants to be a ‘traitor’. Governor Howard Dean shows how to address fellow Americans in a more constructive way: Talk about a long term strategy, come up with an environmental action plan for the next years. I think everyone somehow knows that there is something terribly ‘wrong’, global warming is painstakingly evident; there is not enough time for more research, something has to be done — Howie should talk more about kids and what we’re going to leave them — and it’s not gonna be pretty.

ens Democratic presidential candidate Governor Howard Dean, MD today outlined his environmental strategy, opening with praise for the policies of Republican President Theodore Roosevelt. Dean said he has a 100 year vision for the environment, because, like Roosevelt, he believes true leadership includes protecting the environment for future generations.

Dean’s environmental agenda has four elements. The first is an “environmentally sound energy policy” that emphasizes energy efficiency, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and investment in renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.

The candidate said he will promote livable communities, prevent sprawl and preserve working landscapes and open spaces. He promised to “reestablish the Roadless Rule as it was put in place by President [Bill] Clinton, so we can keep our wilderness wild.” The rule, which would prevent development in 58.5 million acres of designated roadless areas in national forests, has been under attack by the Bush administration.


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