Germany: "Handy" recycling successful In Germany …

Germany: “Handy” recycling successful

In Germany we like to call our cell phone ‘Handy’ — it sounds so cool, somewhat American, right? Telcos are eager to sell the newest Handys which are heavily subsidized; all you need to do is to extend your current contract and you’ll get a new, fancy mobile phone, all for a fraction of the original sales price. But what to do with all those ‘old bones’, the ‘left-behinds’?

Last April Telco Vodafone D2 has started an interesting recycling system. In about 100 days they’ve collected more than 65.000 handys (that’s how we neglect the plural in Americanized/Germanized words). For each handy Vodafone donates 5 Euro to non-profit organizations. That’s a nice PR scheme but also a win-win situation for nature and non-profits. German telco E-Plus is also going to recycle mobile phones in the near future. I wouldn’t mind a hand-me-down, though…

translate source below using google translation

» Umweltmagazin “Als erster Netzbetreiber in Deutschland hatte Vodafone D2 Mitte April ein Recycling-System für alte oder defekte Handys gestartet. In den ersten hundert Tagen sind seither rund 65.000 alte Handys gesammelt worden. Für jedes dieser gesammelten Handys spendet Vodafone D2 fünf Euro an eine von 20 gemeinnützigen Organisationen, insgesamt also 325.000 Euro. Die Handy-Sammelaktion sowie die Spenden laufen unbefristet weiter.


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