Pssst, wanna buy our nuclear power plants — via t…

Pssst, wanna buy our nuclear power plants — via the Internet?

Check this new [pdf]study in English language, commissioned by the German Council for Sustainable Development. It’s on sustainable effects on sales of second-hand goods and the Transfer of Technology to developing countries. Not really an easy read, though…

»German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) – Documents – Studies

Second-hand machinery and equipment to the value of more then 100 billion US dollars are sold every year, primarily to developing countries and emerging markets. This figure is substantially higher if exports in the context of foreign investments are also considered. The transfer of second-hand machinery and equipment sometimes shows double-digit rates of

growth. For many developing countries and emerging markets the import of second-hand goods already accounts for a large proportion of all machinery imports.

However, for importing countries there is a serious conflict of interests between economic development and the negative consequences for the environment. Developing countries and emerging markets’ stances vary between refusal and consent. Some try to control while others promote such imports. As a result a multiplicity of different laws as well as tariff and non-tariff barriers are applied. The only identifiable, internationally uniform trend is the continual and sometimes fundamental change of policy in the various countries, which reflects the prevailing uncertainty concerning the effects and the significance of second-hand imports.


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