Platinum cell phones

Japan: DoCoMo cell phones powered by fuel cells to come soon?

It would be interesting to learn more about costs, efficiency, storage and infrastructure. Is NTT going to provide their own infrastructure or is someone else going to sell the cartridges? And for how much will they go and how long will they last? Are cartridges going to be rechargeable or disposable?

» Platinum cell phones: “Cell phones containing platinum are likely to hit the market next year after an announcement by Japan’s DoCoMo that it will start shipping 3G phones that will use fuel cells instead of batteries.

Fuel cells require platinum as a major component to enable them to generate energy. Platinum increases electrical conductivity in PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cells. It is critical to fuel cell commercialization and can alone command 10% to 20% of a fuel cell system’s cost. Accepting the U.S. Department of Energy’s target for platinum use in fuel cell vehicles – 0.2 grams per kilowatt – total platinum use by fuel cell systems could bring an 8% to 12% increase to the world demand for platinum by 2013, according to ABI projections.”


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