SETI for environmental data

Go, download this climate prediction model — the more people download it, the better and faster climate predictions will be calculated.

» portal: “The experiment has been developed to allow a state-of-the-art climate prediction model to be run on home/ school/ work computers. By getting data from thousands of climate models, we will generate the world’s largest climate prediction experiment.”

We want you to run a climate model as a background process on your computer (similar to the successful SETI@home project). It should not affect any other tasks you use your computer for. If you choose to download the model, you will be supplied with your own, unique, version of the model. As the model runs, you can watch the weather patterns over the globe evolve. The results are sent back via the internet, and we are developing an interactive portal to allow you to compare your results with other people’s as the experiment progresses. The Open University will be offering a short course based on the project, and there will also be opportunities to get schools involved with the project.


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