Round-the-world flight: powered by solar (sourc…

Round-the-world flight: powered by solar

(source: Solar Impulse site)

I guess they will have to follow the sun…

.::Solar Impulse – a human, scientific and ecological adventure::.: “In March 1999, Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones, on board ‘Breitling Orbiter 3’, accomplished what was considered as the last great aviation adventure of the 20th century: the first ever non-stop round-the-world flight in a balloon. The aim was not to revolutionise air transport but to accomplish a great dream combining, in Jules Verne style, technology, human adventure and respect for the environment. The public immediately understood this symbolism and, having followed their progress hour by hour, acclaimed the pilots as heroes. ”

Today Bertrand Piccard has decided to embark on a new and even more ambitious project: a round-the-world flight in a solar aircraft . This time, the challenge is to mark the history of transport by exploiting new technologies that satisfy the demands of our era for sustainable development: use only renewable forms of energy and remain airborne without generating any polluting emissions .

This adventure aims, step by step, at re-enacting the great ‘firsts’ and record-breaking flights that punctuated the history of 20 th Century aviation, this time using only solar energy, with the final objective of a solar-powered round-the-world flight.


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