Around the world in 50 fill-ups

An Australian couple left a few days ago for a 18,000 mile trek across five continents in a standard Volkswagen Golf but using “specially formulated” Shell gasoline. How are they doing? Follow their trip on their FuelChallenge website. Nice website, by the way.

The Aussie drivers are currently in Pakistan, 4th fill-up and logged 5.500 km – I wonder, 1100 km per fill-up…they must be driving 45 km an hour in 5th gear — and, they must have survived German Autobahn which is Hell for slow cars because everything slower than 180km/h is seen as an offence and has to be tackled from the street. But tell me this: Why do they have to wear those silly racing suits? (image source: FuelChallenge site)


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