Water piped in from Scotland. Welcome to London 2071 (19.05.2007)

Interesting article in the Guardian on the future of European cities in 2071. Also have a look at the Climate Change Map of 2071 which is pretty much in the red.

Guardian: Warmer temperatures and less rainfall mean all the cities drift several hundred miles to the south, with Oslo relocated to Teruel in north-eastern Spain, and Berlin and Barcelona going to north Africa. The closest present match for Rome is the Cypriot capital, Nicosia.

Dr Hallegatte worked with colleagues Minh Ha-Duong and Sebastian Kopf, at the University of Bremen, to predict the scenarios for 2071-2100 for 12 European capitals, using two different climate models and assuming that carbon emissions continue to rise. They used predictions of two key weather variables – aridity and temperature – and compared them with conditions recorded at thousands of places across Europe and north Africa from 1961-1990.

When they got a match, they looked for the nearest large town or city, which they describe as “climate analogues” of the 12 capitals. They presented the results at last month’s meeting of the European Geosciences Union in Vienna.


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