US EIA: World Energy Use to Grow 57% till 2030; CO2 Emissions Up 59% (24.05.2007)

The Energy Information Adminsitration (EIA) has published a new “Energy Outlook 2007“. There are several reference cases which do not include any specific policies to limit greenhouse gas emissions. However, this paper is an interesting read, especially the facts and estimates on the energy sector and the different fossil fuels.

Green Car Congress:In the IEO2007 reference case, which does not include specific policies to limit greenhouse gas emissions, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions are projected to rise from 26.9 billion metric tons in 2004 to 33.9 billion metric tons in 2015 and 42.9 billion metric tons in 2030. From 2003 to 2004, carbon dioxide emissions from the non-OECD countries grew by almost 10%, while emissions in the OECD countries grew by less than 2%.

The result of the large increase in non-OECD emissions was that 2004 marked the first time that emissions from the non-OECD exceeded those from the OECD countries. Further, because of the expectation that non-OECD countries will rely on fossil fuels to supply much of their future energy demand growth, carbon dioxide emissions from the non-OECD countries in 2030 are projected to exceed those from the OECD by 57%.

Global energy demand grows despite the relatively high world oil and natural gas prices in the reference case. However, rising oil prices dampen growth in demand for petroleum and other liquids fuels after 2015 and, as a result, reducing their share of overall energy use from 38% in 2004 to a projected 34% in 2030.

>> Energy Outlook 2007 – Full report (PDF)


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  1. rob said

    its all about money and how much can be made at the cheapest cost.

    whats the cost to the earth as its a very old planet and we’ve only been using fossil fuels for around 100 years which in earths history is nothing i think we will get a very big shock one day then we will start to do some thing but by then it will be too late!!! thats the human way.

    how many of us have said i’l pay that bill later then the next bill comes in and it just gos on and on then some thing gives just like the earth will one day.

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