China considering 20 fold increase in nuclear power by 2030 (28.05.2007)

We all know, China is a power hungry country. And: China doesn´t have many oil resources. That´s the reason there are Chinese oil expedition everywhere, competing with American oil companies. So, how to satisfy the Chinese hunger for power? One plan: Increase nuclear power resources – not just a few more power plants but by the factor 20!

The National Development and Reform Commission, which administers China’s energy policy, aims to increase nuclear power generation to between 120 million and 160 million kilowatts, the official said during a speech at a strategic energy forum held in Beijing, which was sponsored by the Chinese Construction Ministry.

Yomiuri , Japan: At present, China has 10 nuclear reactors, which are capable of generating 8 million kilowatts. China has previously announced that it wanted to up nuclear power output to 40 million kilowatts by the end of 2020.

To attain its goal under the new plan, China would need to build in excess of 100 nuclear reactors, each capable of generating 1 million kilowatts, over 20 years. If the plan is realized, China would become the world’s largest generator of nuclear power, surpassing Japan, France and the United States.


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